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In this groundbreaking new series from Adventist Mission, follow church planter, Pastor Doug Venn, as he travels across Bangkok by water taxi, motorcycle taxi, tuk tuk, and skytrain, visiting church plants and meeting residents. You'll share the joy of being invited by leaders of one community to build a church, and then experience something mission stories have rarely shown--the pain of having to turn down such a amazing request. You’ll go with him to slums and shopping malls, as he looks for ways to share the Gospel in a nation that is only about 1% Christian.

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Episode 1

The Bomb

The team follows Pastor Doug Venn as he prepares for a Health Expo at a major mall in downtown Bangkok and an evangelistic series at the Chinese Church. Our travels get interrupted by the report of a bomb planted in our home neighborhood.

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Episode 2

Missionary Designer

Pastor Doug and the team grab water taxis, motorcycle taxis, and sky trains as they criss-cross Bangkok. They take Nicole, a graphic designer just graduated from college, to present her Health Expo banner designs to marketing executives at Bangkok Adventist Hospital and at one of Thailand’s biggest malls.

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Episode 3

Heart Cry

Pastor Doug explores the site of a recent fire just three doors down from a Bangkok church plant. He then visits a slum where the community leaders have given him an extraordinary invitation to build a church. What holds him back?

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Episode 4

Service is the Link

We travel to a slum in Bangkok and show the love of Jesus by handing out rice. But what we gain is so much more!

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Episode 5

Reality Gap

Some new student missionaries are surprised to discover that their preconceptions about mission work don’t match the reality. And a Thai Christian takes us along as she conducts a survey to see how much the people of Bangkok know about Jesus.

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Episode 6

Spirit of Prophecy

We visit the mission headquarters and discover that even though Christian books are essential in the work of reaching people for Christ, very few are available. We look into the challenges and possible solutions.

Available Friday, October 28
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Episode 7

The Literature Work

The mission’s printing press is being closed once and for all. With so few books available, it’s a little painful. We find out why it’s happening, and learn how the mission is making the best of a challenging situation.

Available Friday, November 4
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Episode 8

The Right Arm

After months of preparation, Health Expo is finally taking place at one of Bangkok's largest malls. Nicole’s designs are in place, dedicated church members share health and hope, and the Holy Spirit brings success.

Available Friday, November 11
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Episode 9

We Can't Work

We travel across Bangkok and find encouragement for the challenge of reaching this city of 12 million. While handing out meeting flyers, we get lost in a maze of alleys, and stumble across some amazing discoveries.

Available Friday, November 18
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Episode 10


Because the work in Thailand is so challenging, we are curious to meet Thai people who have accepted Jesus, and learn what drew them. We are thrilled as we witness several people begin a new life in Christ.

Available Friday, November 25
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Episode 11

Mingling With Men

Driving through Bangkok traffic to the Ramkhamhaeng church plant, we consider the challenge of reaching the world’s most massive cities. The church planting team at Ramkhamhaeng takes us into neighborhood homes to understand the values and challenges of the people there, and to build friendships.

Available Friday, December 2
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Episode 12

The Truth

Pastor Doug deals with the discouragement closing of a church plant. He grapples with opportunities lost, and with how to share the news of a Savior as resources for doing so dry up.

Available Friday, December 9
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Episode 13


At the Thonburi church plant, a wall mural painted in an alley by a student missionary starts conversations and opens doors. We meet a noodle maker next door to the church who listens in on sermons, and we meet others from the neighborhood who are moved as they testify to how much their new faith means to them.

Available Friday, December 16