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In this groundbreaking new series from Adventist Mission, follow church planter, Pastor Doug Venn, as he travels across Bangkok by water taxi, motorcycle taxi, tuk tuk, and skytrain, visiting church plants and meeting residents. You'll share the joy of being invited by leaders of one community to build a church, and then experience something mission stories have rarely shown--the pain of having to turn down such a amazing request. You’ll go with him to slums and shopping malls, as he looks for ways to share the Gospel in a nation that is only about 1% Christian.

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Episode 1

The Bomb

The team follows Pastor Doug Venn as he prepares for a Health Expo at a major mall in downtown Bangkok and an evangelistic series at the Chinese Church. Our travels get interrupted by the report of a bomb planted in our home neighborhood.

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Episode 2

Missionary Designer

In this episode Pastor Doug and the team takes Nicole, a graphic designer just graduated from college, to the Adventist Mission Hospital in downtown Bangkok to show some designs she has created in preparation for the upcoming city-wide health expo.

Available Friday, September 30
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Episode 3

Heart Cry

Travel with Pastor Doug Venn as we explore a recent fire that happened just 3 door down from a church plant in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn of the successes and challenges in starting something like this from scratch. Then travel across the city to another project that is unable to walk through open doors. One of the most gripping episodes.

Available Friday, October 7
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Episode 4

Service is the Link

In this episode we travel to a slum in Bangkok and show the love of Jesus by handing out rice. But what we gain is so much more!

Available Friday, October 14
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Episode 5

Reality Gap

This episode examines some of the preconceptions about foreign missions and the progress of the Gospel vs. the reality of the situation. Very engaging. Join us on the tour of discovery.

Available Friday, October 21
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Episode 6

Spirit of Prophecy

This video is about the challenges in publishing books in Thailand. We interview Doug in the VOP office in 2008, then move to 2011 and interview Gary Krause and Pastor Surichet about the fact that there are no Steps to Christ or Desire of Ages in Thai in print.

Available Friday, October 28
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Episode 7

The Literature Work

This video is is an insight into the condition of the publishing work in Thailand with an interview with Pastor Jun Taotoa, the director of the Literature Evangelism work in Thailand. We also witness and discuss the closing of the printing press.

Available Friday, November 4
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Episode 8

The Right Arm

Join us as we go behind the scenes in setting up and running a 4-day major health expo at one of Bangkok's largest malls. Witness the success the Lord gives when we follow His advice.

Available Friday, November 11
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Episode 9

We Can't Work

In this episode we travel across Bangkok to prepare for the upcoming evangelistic series at the Chinese Church. We follow some Bible workers as they pass out announcements then promptly get lost in the maze of streets and alley ways and stumble across some amazing discoveries.

Available Friday, November 18
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Episode 10


In this episode we follow Pastor Doug as he and his team help with the evangelistic series of the Bangkok Chinese church and we get to witness the emotions of the baptism of several people. It's a real high day!

Available Friday, November 25
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Episode 11

Mingling With Men

In this episode we get to know the neighbors and neighborhood around the Ramkamhaeng church plant in Bangkok, Thailand and learn a lot about how to work with the beautiful Thai people.

Available Friday, December 2
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Episode 12

The Truth

In this episode we see Pastor Doug as he deals with the discouragement closing of a church plant and I come to the painful reality that our overseas mission program is collapsing unless we make some serious changes in our attitudes towards and support of missions.

Available Friday, December 9
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Episode 13


In this episode we travel across Bangkok to a church plant in the Thonburi district where we witness God's grace at work in the lives of the people and discover that success is possible when we step out by faith. Exciting engaging episode.

Available Friday, December 16